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  • After-Action Report Released on Orlando Nightclub Shooting
    The City of Orlando (FL) has released an independent firm's report on the fire department response to the 2016 attack on the Pulse nightclub, which killed 49 people and injured more than 50 other people.
  • Engine Company EMS: The Refusal - Fire-Based EMS - Fire Engineering
    There are times when an engine company response to an EMS call is needless. Michael Morse examines patient refusal (and demand) of transport.
  • Fire EMS: Responding to “Bug Bomb” Incidents
    The discharge of a total-release fogger (also called a “bug bomb”) in a senior living facility presents challenges for hazmat and EMS responders.
  • Taking the Load Off
    Steven G. Knight explains how the use of “peak load units” can help to alleviate stress on medical responders and help to ensure that they can keep up with the demands for service during those hours when the call volume is greatest and workers may be limited.
  • Apparatus Deliveries
    The Fairview (Alberta, Canada) Fire Department uses this FORT GARRY FIRE TRUCKS tanker to protect a primarily rural area. Chief Kerry Cleave says it uses water sources such as a dugout, hydrants, and ditches and shuttles the water (sometimes) two to three miles to a scene, then dumps it into a 3,000-gallon portable tank from which a pumper can draft.
  • Company Association News
    Company Association News
  • Names In The News
    Names in the News.
  • Training Minutes: Rescue Task Force: Bleeding Control - Fire-Based EMS - Fire Engineering
    In this new Training Minutes video, Mark Litwinko and Mike Brown discuss bleeding control in a lower extremity during rescue task force response, specifically tourniquet use.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Baltimore City (MD) Fire Academy Sends 13 to Hospitals
    BALTIMORE (WJZ) - Crews are investigating after 13 people were hospitalized after showing signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning at the Baltimore City Fire Academy. First responders were called to the academy located in the 6700 block of Pulaski Hwy. for reports of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Testing revealed a situation that could have proved potentially deadly.
  • Three Injured in FDNY Ambulance Accident
    Three people were injured in an accident involving an FDNY ambulance in the Bronx that was on the way to a call. That ambulance then slammed into an optical store. An FDNY official said it happened around 7:30 a.m. on East Fordham Road at Elm Place.


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