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  • Five People Shot During Syracuse (NY) Memorial Service
    SYRACUSE, NY -- Five people were injured in a shooting on Midland Avenue in Syracuse about 9 p.m. Thursday. Here's the latest news from Syracuse police officials who held a news conference at 11:15 p.m. 5 people shot including an 8-year-old girl All are in stable condition and expected to survive, according to Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler.
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  • Apparatus Deliveries
    The City of Wildwood (NJ) purchased this PIERCE pumper under the squad company concept. Chief Daniel F. Speigel says the pumper responds primarily on the east side of the boardwalk and the beach because of its 4 × 4 capability. As a squad, it carries a variety of equipment for specialized rescues and eliminates the need for a second vehicle for water emergencies. The flat-roof cab allows the vehicle to negotiate the town’s beach tunnel.
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  • Engine Company EMS: The Cavalry - Fire-Based EMS - Fire Engineering
    Firefighters and medics do not always play well together, but when the tones go off, and the call is for an EMS crew requesting assistance, it's good to know the cavalry is on its way. Read more from Michael Morse.
  • Training Minutes: The Rescue Task Force Concept - FireEMS- Fire Engineering
    Mark Litwinko of AXIS Emergency Readiness Solutions discusses how fire and EMS integrate with law enforcement agencies when it comes to large-scale responses such as active shooter incidents.
  • More Than 75 People Overdose at New Haven (CT) Park
    (Updated) A suspected bad batch of K2 sent crews racing all day Wednesday to treat dozens of overdose victims, most of them on the Green, in one of the busiest...
  • Video: McEvoy Discusses Challenges Facing Fire-Based EMS
    In this video, Mike McEvoy, Chair of the IAFC EMS Section, talks about the biggest challenges and opportunities facing fire-based EMS agencies in the next five years, what the EMS Section’s top priorities are, and what should a fire chief be doing to stay at the forefront of EMS. 
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